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Project overview

Adobe Creative Jams
2 Days
2nd place out of 145 teams

Nickelodeon Worlds was a concept I came up with for an Adobe Creative Jam. Working to create a gamified experience for kids, the goal was to incorporate essential information about the COVID-19 pandemic and relay that to Nickelodeon's #KidsTogether movement.

The goal behind this project was to immerse players by developing “worlds” where kids could not only learn more about COVID-19, but also opt to pursue indoor activities with friends and family. Through mini-games and videos, there was a special importance placed on understanding COVID-19 and staying healthy through hygiene, daily activity, and social interaction.

This app served to bring an unmatched educational experience all the while ensuring that kids are actively connecting with their friends and family in the best way possible: playing around.

The team

Team PLUR: Here's us with our matching shibas.

I worked with my best friend, Colleen, on Nickelodeon Worlds, and this was our first design competition ever. From the entire process, I learned a lot about interaction design in Adobe XD but also gained really valuable insights on working in an agile work environment.


HOW MIGHT WE Help kids feel safe, informed, and connected in spirit of #KidsTogether?



When I was younger, I was addicted to this Cartoon Network game (sorry Nick) called FusionFall, a Unity-based MMORPG that allowed players to compete with their favorite characters in the CN dimension. I wanted to integrate a similar immersive experience but with Nickelodeon characters, and thus Nickelodeon Worlds was created.

Research & development

We were given only 48 hours and a creative brief that detailed some touch points that were recommended to be included. A lot of our R&D was expedited through quick competitive analyses of popular games that our target demographic (11-13 year olds) use on the daily, from TikTok to Fortnite.

We ensured we touched base on all of the components in Nickelodeon Worlds by creating a product requirements document (PRD). These are some of our most notable features that made the game experience educational but also engaging:

Final product

Given the short timeframe, we fleshed out a lot of the low-fidelity designs to high-fidelity, killing two birds with one stone. Adobe XD also has a lot of limited functionality in terms of prototyping complex animations, so when I was creating the bubble transition to go to Bikini Bottom, I worked around this by creating a timed animation frame-by-frame.

We ended up having 183 artboards by the end of it. Here's the final product:


Stay inside and jump into the Nick Universe with some of your favorite Nickelodeon characters.

Explore all worlds to fill up the bar to completion.


Dive into Bikini Bottom and learn how to draw Patrick or play some mini-games with SpongeBob.

Share your masterpieces with your friends and family after you're done!


Come back to Planet Earth and watch videos about what you can do to stay healthy and happy during COVID-19.

Make some slime, cook some food — the possibilities are endless.

Closing remarks

In the end, it was an overall great experience to place 2nd in my first design competition but also to learn a lot more about interaction design and its importance in creating engaging gamified experiences. I am equally as thankful to have achieved this milestone with my best friend — really excited to participate in some more competitions!

You can try out our prototype here.